Guide for FIFA fans visiting UAE and QATAR

FIFA world cup Qatar 2022

FIFA Visitors Things to Know Prior to Visiting UAE

    FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is at our doorsteps! The U.A.E, as the neighboring country, anticipates many FIFA spectators to visit the U.A.E., as well. On that note, there are few important reminders for those who plan to visit the UAE. These tips, in particular, are things to keep in mind prior to traveling to the UAE.

  1. First, ensure that your passport has at least 6 months validity.
  2. Then, make sure you have the right tourist visa to visit the UAE. And that you know its duration. So that you do not inadvertently overstay and then face immigration penalties.
  3. Next, do not try to bring CBD oil, marijuana, or other prohibited substances, in whatever form. As, any form of recreational drugs are very much illegal in the UAE. The UAE government is vigilant and efficient at apprehending any such attempts. Being caught will certainly lead to all sorts of unpleasantries and unwelcomed lengthy stays in the country.
  4. On that topic also, be mindful, which prescription medicine you bring into the country. As there are many restricted prescription drugs in the UAE. Some of which require prior approval.
  5. Furthermore, any type of weapons, in whatever form, or even their parts are illegal in the UAE. This includes taser guns. As well as any types of explosives, including fireworks. Even pepper sprays could be illegal if they contain banned substance.
  6. Finally, adult toys are not allowed in the UAE either, as they are deemed to be against the country’s public morals.
  7. So, as you get excited about your upcoming visit to the UAE – do keep in mind these tips. And travel safe!

FIFA Visitors to the UAE – Dos and Don’ts

    FIFA World Cup in Qatar is also bringing many of its spectators to the UAE. The U.A.E. is a very tourist-friendly and exciting place to visit. To enjoy it to the fullest, remember that the UAE, has strong cultural and religious values which form the foundation of its legal system. So, while visiting the UAE, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

  1. Be mindful of your dress code. Dress appropriately in public. And when visiting government buildings, dress conservatively
  2. Be mindful of your public behavior, especially as you watch football matches. Hooliganism, for example, is against the law. As is catcalling. Dancing in public is not appropriate. As is excessive public display of affection
  3. Don’t swear or insult, in any form. This includes hand gestures
  4. With regards to social media, be judicial about the nature and content of your postings. Especially when it involves other people or businesses, as you may inadvertently breach their privacy or damage their reputation.
  5. Also, don’t take photos of other people, without their consent. And do not photograph government buildings or airports.
  6. Don’t spread fakes news
  7. Avoid being drunk in public. And don’t drink and drive
  8. Remember, drugs are very much illegal in the UAE. So, stay away from them, in any form.
  9. Overall, be respectful of the UAE and its people. If you follow these rules, the UAE is almost sure to wove you!

Requirements for FIFA Fans Visiting Qatar

    Visiting Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, from the UAE is subject to a number of requirements which are applicable from November 1 to December 23, 2022.

  1. First and foremost, you must have a match ticket.
  2. Second, for those who are visiting Qatar for more than 24 hours, proof of accommodation is required
  3. Third, you must download the Hayya App – which becomes your mandatory interface for the entire visit. Without the Hayya App, you cannot enter the country or the stadium. It is also used to validate your accommodation in Qatar, including if you are staying with family or friends. Additionally, the App is your access to public transport in the country.
  4. With regards to COVID, all previous restrictions and requirements have been lifted. And there is no more requirement of PCR test or proof of vaccination.
  5. So, cheer on the action! And celebrate every goal at Qatar 2022!

Guide for FIFA Fans Visiting Qatar from the UAE

    The U.A.E. FIFA fans, residents and citizens alike, who plan to visit Qatar, must keep in mind a few guidelines Which apply between November 1 to December 23, 2022.

  1. First, U.A.E. residents are eligible for a single-entry visa on arrival, valid for 1 month. As long as their UAE residence permit is valid for at least 6 months; and, their profession appears on the list.
  2. Second, those UAE residents who wish to travel to Qatar by land, have 3 options. 1) To travel by bus; 2) leave the car at the border, at the designated car park, with the first 24 hours being free, and continue on by free shuttle bus; OR 3), travel by car, with a special vehicle entry permit, that costs approximately AED 5,000.
  3. Third, to enter Qatar during this time, visitors must also have: 1) match ticket and 2) accommodation – all registered on the mandatory Hayya App.

Happy Diwali – Fireworks in the UAE

Fireworks in the UAE

    1. The use of fireworks, in the U.A.E., is strictly regulated.
    2. This is because they are considered explosives.
    3. And, therefore, subject to, among other things, the U.A.E.’s law on Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives, which is Federal Decree Law No. 17 of 2019.
    4. As per this law, a proper license is required to use fireworks or other explosives.
    5. This means, that, legally speaking, only those companies who are properly licensed can conduct fireworks.
    6. Those licenses are, generally, issued by the U.A.E. Ministry of Interior.
    7. Therefore, anyone who uses fireworks or explosives without proper approvals can be subject to fines and jail sentence.

Halloween 2022: Sorcery and Cosplay in the UAE

Halloween 2022: Sorcery and Cosplay in the UAE
  1. Happy Halloween 2022!
  2. Generally, dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game – is NOT illegal.
  3. But depends on the specific costume – which should not be offensive or against public morals.
  4. Furthermore, the timing of dressing up in costumes in public is relevant too.
  5. So, dressing up in costumes during Halloween time is acceptable and, even celebrated, in the UAE.
  6. This is in addition to the U.A.E. Constitution, which also provides that the practice of holding passports is against the country’s laws.
  7. But, outside of a specific occasion, visiting public places dressed up in costumes, may not be deemed culturally appropriate.
  8. Also, pretending to be a witch on Halloween is very much different from exercising witchcraft.
  9. Which is otherwise referred to as sorcery.
  10. This is because, sorcery in the UAE is expressly illegal and punishable by 1) a jail sentence and 2) a fine not less than AED 50,000.
  11. This is as per the UAE Crimes and Punishment Law No. 31 of 2021 and, in particular, Articles 366 and 367.

New Birth Certificate Law in the UAE

New Birth Certificate Law in the UAE

  1. Birth certificates in the UAE have been made easier to obtain!
  2. In short, a marriage certificate is no longer the main requirement to qualify for a birth certificate.
  3. For example, in cases where both parents are present, a notarized confirmation that the child is theirs, replaces the previous requirement of a marriage certificate, all together.
  4. In other words, there is no longer a minimum requirement for the marriage duration, as was the case before.
  5. In those cases, where the father is unknown, a specialized court would issue an order for the issuance of the birth certificate, on the basis of the mother’s undertaking.
  6. This is by virtue of a new Law No. 10 of 2022, Regulating Registrations of Births and Deaths in the UAE.
  7. Which cancels the previous Law No. 18 of 2009.
  8. And comes into effect on October 15, 2022.
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Unemployment Insurance in the UAE

Unemployment Insurance

  1. Unemployment insurance has now been officially introduced in the UAE.
  2. This was done by virtue of a brand-new law, issued by the U.A.E. President, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed.
  3. The objective of the law is to:
    • Ensure income during unemployment;
    • provide social security; and
    • continue to attract and retain world’s best talent to the country.
  4. At a high level, unemployment insurance will be available for both: 1) public and 2) private sector employees.
  5. With a few exclusions, such as: 1) part time employees, 2) owners of businesses and 3) domestic workers.
  6. The maximum insurance compensation is for a period of 3 months.
  7. The law is Federal Decree Law No. 13 of 2022 regarding Insurance for Unemployment.
  8. And it came into effect on September 29, 2022.
  9. Further details will be issued in additional regulations and decisions.

New Domestic Workers Law UAE

New Domestic Workers Law in UAE

            1. Domestic workers’ rights in the UAE have been strengthen even further.
            2. By virtue of a new Domestic Workers Law.
            3. At a high level, the law, expressly,
              • Requires employers to treat workers with respect
              • Prohibits: 1) discrimination, 2) harassment and 3) forced labor,
              • Obligates employers to provide decent living conditions
              • And educate workers about their rights and how to enforce them.
            4. Furthermore, the law requires employers to:
              • Pay salary monthly, within 10 days.
              • And, document a receipt of payment, each time.
            5. Importantly, the law prohibits salary deductions.
            6. And expressly bans agencies or employers to charge workers recruitment or visa costs.
            7. The law also ensures workers the right to:
              • Keep their passports and.
              • A copy of their employment contract
            8. Most importantly, the law clearly gives workers the right to terminate their contract when employers breach any of their obligations.
            9. The new law is Law No. 9 of 2022 Regarding Domestic Workers.
            10. Replacing previous Law No. 10 of 2017.
            11. And comes into effect as of December 15, 2022.
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Deportation Laws and Authorities

Deportation Laws and Authorities

Deportation Laws and Authorities in the UAE 

    1. Deportation of foreigners in the UAE is subject to the UAE Immigration Laws.
    2. This applies even to those deportations, which are ruled by the Court, for violation of UAE’s criminal laws. Otherwise known as, judicial deportations.
    3. The main authority overseeing deportations is the ICA, which is the UAE’s Immigration Authority. The other authorities, which are often involved in the process are:
    4. -The Ministry of Interior and

      -The Police

    5. The grounds for deportation, the corresponding process and timeline are set out in the:
    6. -UAE Federal Law No. 29 of 2021, regarding The Foreigners Entry and Residence.

      -The Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022, and in particular, Articles 65 through 76.

      -As well as the Corresponding Regulations.

Overview UAE Golden Residency

UAE golden visa

Golden Visa | Overview

UAE golden visa

  • Golden Residency in the UAE is a long-term residence permit, issued for 10 years. 
  • It is also renewable for the same term, for most of the categories.
  • Golden residency is a self-sponsored type of residency, without the need of a Guarantor or a Host Party in the UAE. 
  • It can be available for those who wish to either: 1) work, 2) invest, or 3) start a business in the country.
  • As long as they satisfy the requirements for each one of the categories. 
  • Golden Residency is applied through the ICA, which is the U.A.E. Federal Immigraiton Authority .
  • Directly through the ICA online platform or through a designated branch.
  • For example, real estate investors in Dubai, can apply for Golden Residency, directly through the Dubai Land Department. 
  • In general, however, the application for the Golden Residency through ICA online platform is rather self-explanatory and efficient. 
  • Specific laws and requirements for the Golden Residency are set out in the special Annex of the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 65, 2022.

    Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment

    1. Sexual harassment in the U.A.E. has now been expressly outlawed.
    2. For the first time, it is specifically addressed by the new UAE Crime & Punishment Law, which is Federal Decree Law No. 31 of 2021, and in particular, Article 413.
    3. Under this law, sexual harassment is defined as:
      1. persistent harassment of a victim,
      2. by repetitive 1) acts, 2) words, or 3) gestures,
      3. the purpose of which is to offend their honor,
      4. with the intent of making them act on sexual desires.”
    4. The punishment for sexual harassment can range from 1) a fine of not less than AED 10,000 and/or 2) jail term of not less than 1 year.
    5. The punishment can be increased under certain circumstances, including the age and relationship of the victim.
    6. And it such case, the punishment can range 1) over 2 years in jail and/or 2) a fine of more than AED 50,000.

    Employers Forbidden From Holding

    Employers Forbidden From Holding

    1. Holding of employees’ passports by employers is against the UAE law.
    2. In particular, this practice is expressly forbidden by, among other things, the U.A.E. Labor Law, No. 33 of 2021
    3. And, specifically, Article 13, subsection 2, which states that “employers shall not seize official documents” of their employees.
    4. Passports are an example of an “official document.”
    5. As well as labor cards, employment contracts and other similar documents.
    6. This is in addition to the U.A.E. Constitution, which also provides that the practice of holding passports is against the country’s laws.