Converting to Islam in the United Arab Emirates (“U.A.E.”), can be done by those who are residents in the country.  To that end, there are two (2) ways of converting to Islam in the U.A.E.

One method to convert to Islam in the U.A.E. is through the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department (“IACAD”).  The other method is through the U.A.E Ministry of Justice (“MOJ”).  Both options are fairly similar and are free of charge.

Noteworthy, under either option, there is no need for physical attendance.  The process is done virtually, through electronic means.  In particular, the entire process is managed either through the IACAD or MOJ websites or by phone.

All the documents have to be submitted online and the entire process can be managed online, including the issuance of the conversation certificate.  Here are the websites for IACAD  and MOJ.

The required documents are listed on the authorities’ websites.  In relevant terms, the documents relate to one’s identity and include, copy of the passport and Emirates ID, as well as two (2) photos.  Women applicants must be wearing a head scarf in the photos.

After submitting all the identification documents, a meeting will be scheduled with a representative or a judge, in the presence of, preferably, male witnesses.  During this meeting, the applicant will have to state the Islamic Proclamation, confirming their faith.

Shortly after the meeting, a fully attested certificate of conversion will be sent by email and will also be available through the online portal.  Overall, the process of conversion is straightforward and a matter of one (1) meeting.

Noteworthy, women who are married to non- Muslims cannot convert to Islam, as it will nullify the marriage.  Also, at this stage, there is no requirement for Islamic courses, unless one wishes to get married soon afterwards.  In that case, the Islamic courses, which teach the basics of Islam, take only a few days.

Once the conversion has taken place, it is best to take the certificate to the immigration authorities in the U.A.E. to modify the religion status on the immigration application.

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