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Corporate / Commercial

Practice Areas

Corporate / Commercial

  • Corporate Advisory Services: Providing corporate advisory services. Developing legal compliance and drafting legal documents. Acting as general counsel and board member. Assisting with company meetings and administrative compliance.
  • Restructuring and Management: Advising and developing guidelines for corporate restructuring and management. Developing and implementing best business practices. Overseeing liquidation and business closure.
  • Contract Drafting: Drafting customized business contracts, based on practical business and legal work experience. Closely working with clients, to understand their legal needs and providing client-tailored solutions.
  • Dispute Resolution: Assisting with corporate dispute resolution, including with suppliers, clients, employees, officers, directors, shareholders and government authorities. Providing mediation and negotiation services, with objective towards amicable settlement dispute resolution in Dubai and other Emirates. Managing and assisting with arbitration and litigation, across all courts in U.A.E.
  • U.A.E. Employment: Devising and implementing employment practices and protocols. Drafting employment contracts, manuals and handbooks, based on company-specific needs and practical experience. Managing and representing in employment dispute resolution.
  • Intellectual Property: Advising on U.A.E. intellectual property laws and implementation. Drafting intellectual property protocols and agreements, based on company’s specific needs and U.A.E. practices.
  • Banking: Providing banking advice and financial management. Assisting with banking relationships and banking compliance. Coordinating with accountants, auditors and government authorities in preparation of financial records and files.
  • U.A.E. Tax: Advising on legal aspects of taxation in U.A.E., including U.A.E. Value Added Tax (VAT), exercise tax, corporate tax, etc.  Providing guidance on tax domicile; and assisting with tax registration and tax certificates.



What services does LYLAW offer in the corporate/commercial sector?

The LYLAW Firm’s commercial lawyers in Dubai provide corporate advisory services and assist with corporate restructuring and management. We draft customized business contracts, partnership agreements, investment agreements, settlements, employment contracts, HR handbooks, intellectual property (IP) protocols and other corporate contracts. Our Dubai corporate lawyers work closely with clients to better understand their businesses and their needs. We provide corporate advice and draft corporate agreements tailored to clients’ specific requirements. We also specialize in corporate dispute resolution, business mediation and negotiation. Among other things, we advise on intellectual property laws and legal aspects of taxation in the U.A.E. We also work closely with clients to help them with their banking needs.


Why does a business need a commercial lawyer?

Every business needs a competent commercial lawyer, to navigate complex legal landscape, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations to avoid potential legal issues in the U.A.E. Commercial lawyers provide invaluable guidance on contracts, from negotiation to drafting and review, protecting the business’s interests and reducing risks associated with deals and partnerships.

Corporate lawyers play a crucial role in dispute resolution, helping businesses to manage and resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively. They also assist with business structuring and operations, optimizing for legal efficiency and protecting against liabilities. Their expertise is crucial for businesses to thrive in a competitive market environment, making informed decisions that align with legal requirements.


How can LYLAW assist with corporate restructuring and management?

Our Dubai commercial lawyers assist businesses with corporate restructuring and management by providing strategic advice tailored to the legal framework of the UAE. We help companies navigate the complexities of business formation and restructuring, whether it involves setting up a business foundation or adjusting corporate strategy; streamlining operations to enhance efficiency; or partnering, acquiring or merging with other companies.

Our corporate and commercial legal services include drafting and reviewing legal documents, such as partnership agreements, investment agreements, and corporate resolutions, which are essential for business structuring and restructuring. We also ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, which is imperative for the successful reorganization and management of business entities in various sectors. This comprehensive support helps businesses optimize their organizational structure and manage transitions smoothly, ultimately supporting long-term growth and stability. In cases where a business is closing down operations, our corporate lawyers oversee liquidation, acting as business liquidators and managing the winding-down of the business.

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