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Practice Areas


  • Property Sales and Purchases
  • Real Estate Contract Drafting and Review
  • Rental/Tenancy Contract Drafting
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Liquidation Court Proceedings
  • Interests and Overseeing Refunds
  • Cancelled Real Estate Projects

Our real estate practice is broad and diverse. We are dedicated to offering our clients intelligent, insightful advice and representation in connection with all aspects of the real estate sector. We have extensive experience in solving legal issues in the U.A.E. involving dispute resolution, restructuring, development, management and leasing of real estate.

We represent individual investors, tenants and small and medium size corporations to help them protect and maximise their return on investment. We aim to provide clients with creative and innovative advice, which often propels us to the forefront of groundbreaking change, be it business, regulatory, legislative or judicial.

We have significant experience with regulatory real estate authorities, such as Dubai Land Department(DLD)/RERA and Municipalities across other Emirates. We also have had substantial experience with judicial authorities, such as Dubai Rental Dispute Committee (RDC), all U.A.E. Courts, DIFC Courts, Special Committees and alternative dispute resolution centers.

Some of the specific areas of our real estate practice, across all of the U.A.E., include:

  • Property sales and purchases: we manage property transactions, from start to finish, from drafting POAs to drafting underlying contracts to overseeing property transfers and title deed registrations.
  • Real estate contract drafting: we draft individually tailored property and rental contracts and provide reviews and advice on existing contracts
  • Rental/leasing matters: we provide advice on relevant rental/leasing laws, draft and review contracts to ensure they comply with applicable legislation and practice and manage all forms of dispute resolution.
  • Real estate advisory services: we provide advice on various aspects of the real estate market, from investment to restructuring and dispute resolution, in the context of applicable U.A.E. laws, court precedents and practice.
  • Escrow: we provide escrow services to real estate investors and act as third party escrow agents; we also draft escrow agreements and oversee application of escrow services.
  • Dispute resolution: we are highly experienced in all forms of dispute resolution, through the U.A.E. Courts, DIFC Courts, RDC, Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC), Special Committees and other arbitration forums.
  • Liquidation court proceedings: we manage clients’ interests in court-administered real estate liquidation proceedings, registering their interests and overseeing refunds.