Aziz Aga

Public Relations Officer (PRO)


Aziz is our firm’s highly experienced and trustworthy Public Relations Officer (PRO) and corporate assistant.  Competently and smoothly navigating through the constantly evolving network of authorities and third parties, Aziz assists the firm’s clients with a broad range of services.  With almost thirty (30) years of experience in the U.A.E., Aziz is intimately familiar with the intricacies and dynamics of working with all types of government and semi-government authorities, as well as other third parties.  Aziz has been managing the firm’s external relationships for more than seven (7) years and has built significant rapport and trust with the firm’s clients and his colleagues.

Aziz works closely with all of the firm’s team members and has in-depth familiarity with the firm’s practice and its clients.  Aziz is exceptionally reliable and accountable, with a very kind and calm approach to all types of personalities and projects.  No things are too small or too big for him.

Prior to joining the firm, Aziz worked for a U.A.E. local family office, as their trusted advisor and confidant, for almost fifteen (15) years.

Representative Matters

As an integral part of the firm, Aziz does not only work closely with the team on its operational matters, but also supports the firm’s clients on all regulatory, operational and administrative matters.  He is in charge of the firm’s governmental relationships, skillfully and effectively navigating through the various complexities of the system.


Aziz assists the firm’s clients with all aspects of licensing, compliance and corporate formation.  Among other things, he liaises with government and semi-government authorities, managing documents and submission of information.  This includes all types of U.A.E. free zones (DMCC, JAFZA, Tecom, DIFC, etc) and departments of economic development (DED), across all emirates.


Aziz works with the firm’s clients on various aspects of U.A.E. immigration process.  Among other things, Aziz assist clients with applications and submissions of documents to the U.A.E. immigration and other governing authorities.  He also arranges and accompanies them to medical facilities, in connection with their medical tests in support of their visa applications.


Aziz assists clients with notarization of documents before U.A.E. authorities and, in particular, with notarization of powers of attorney (POA) before the U.A.E. notaries.  Among other things, he prepares and confirms relevant documents and processes in connection with the same.  Aziz also works with the U.A.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation and legalization of clients’ documents.

Real Estate Management

Among his wide repertoire of responsibilities, Aziz provides clients with in-depth expertise and assistance in all forms of real estate matters.  In particular, he liaises closely with the relevant authorities, such as, Land Departments and Dubai Land Department (DLD), in particular, as well as EJARI and U.A.E. Notaries.  He also assists clients in registering and managing their leases, powers of attorney (POA) and utilities.

Litigation/Court Support

Aziz closely supports the rest of the team in managing all aspects of litigation and court proceedings.  This includes, among other things, preparation and submission of documents to relevant authorities, such as the Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC), RERA and the U.A.E. Courts, prosecution and police.

Client Services

Aziz offers clients a wide range of administrative and regulatory services.  This includes application, registration, renewal and management of driver’s licenses, U.A.E. residence visas, title deeds and real estate leases, powers of attorney (POA), utilities, document production, medical tests and the like.

Due Diligence

Aziz works closely with the team and the firm’s clients on conducting due diligence on various aspects of clients’ matters.  Among other things, he conducts visits to and collects information from the police, prosecution, courts, DLD, free zones and all other government and private entities.

Document Management

Aziz supports clients and the team with documents management, which includes production and submission of documents to relevant authorities.  In this capacity, Aziz liaises closely with regulatory and government entities, as well as banks and other financial institutions and private entities, on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Professional Style

Aziz is a superb human and colleague, on many levels.  He embraces challenges and thrives on learning and helping.  He is remarkably competent and effective at all that he does.  Aziz harbors many talents, albeit discretely and humbly.  He is exceptionally reliable, loyal and trustworthy.  He is sincere, honest, friendly, warm and insightful.  He is a great judge of character.  He serves as a confidant and, somewhat of, a “therapist” to his colleagues and firm’s clients.  He is always calm, composed and grounded.  He is truly loved by all of his colleagues and, especially, by all of his colleagues’ children.  In short, Aziz is a family man, not only to his family, but to his office family too.

Personal Interests

Aziz is a devoted and loving family man, with two teenage children and a wonderful wife.  He loves to spend time with his family, venturing into the U.A.E. desert and fishing.  Aziz is passionate about cars and enjoys navigating through the ever-evolving U.A.E. landscape.  He loves to partake in the office festivities, eagerly embracing the Arabic dancing and singing that often accompanies our many celebrations.

Aziz is originally from India, although he has lived in the U.A.E., for almost thirty (30) years.  He is fluent in English and Hindi, with a working knowledge of Arabic.

Immigration/Visa Processing Real Estate Management Government Relations Notaries Client Management Operational Support
HPL Yamalova & Plewka DMCC, Dubai, U.A.E.

Public Relations Officer (PRO), 2013 – present

Family Office, Dubai, U.A.E.

Trusted Advisor and Confidant, 1996 – 2013

Dubai, U.A.E. Customs Authority

Dubai Customs & Cargo course, 2004

Goa Higher Secondary School

Goa, India, graduated in 1994