Lobna Abouelleil

Senior Paralegal


Lobna is a remarkably capable and passionate legal professional.  Fiercely intelligent and inquisitive.  She is equally eloquent in Arabic and English, written and verbal.  Powered by her love for languages and literature, she is a very strong drafter and communicator.  After all, she was a Spelling Bee winner, more than once, in not such distant past!  She is clear and concise, expressing complicated concepts in simple and understandable terms.

Lobna possesses exceptional critical thinking and, well beyond her years, maturity and wisdom.  She is extremely pragmatic and efficient, with a laser-like focus and matter-of-fact attitude.  She is quick on her feet, with a great sense of initiative and accountability.  She is sincere and conscience, loyal and trustworthy.  With an innate feeling of justice and fairness.  She is also creative, warm-hearted and witty.  Not least, Lobna has a delightful sense of humour and optimism.


Lobna works closely with active and prospective clients, managing and assisting on a wide array of matters.   She enjoys a great rapport with the Firm’s clients and third parties.

Company Formations

Lobna specializes in company formations, across all of the U.A.E.  This includes mainland companies as well as free zones.  Lobna is also one of the Firm’s leads on JAFZA offshore company incorporations.

Family Law

Lobna is especially passionate about family law.  She assists clients with drafting wills, for the DIFC Wills Center, Dubai Courts, Abu Dhabi Courts and others.  She also assists clients with managing legal matters related marriages, divorces and children custody/guardianship.  Among other things, Lobna works closely with local advocates and clients on inheritance and probate enforcement matters.


Lobna assists clients in connection with opening and managing of bank accounts.  She works closely with representatives of all major banks in the U.A.E., preparing documents and making submissions in support of client’s applications.

Criminal Law

Lobna enjoys white color aspects of criminal law.  In particular, she is well versed in the U.A.E. cyber law.  She assists clients with representation before the police, prosecution and criminal courts.

Real Estate

Lobna assists clients with managing their real estate portfolios and, in particular, corresponding financial matters.  She liaise with tenants and third parties on behalf of the Firm’s clients.


Lobna is especially interested in contract review and drafting, with emphasis on clarity and simplicity.  She also assist corporate clients and individuals with employment matters, from contract drafting to dispute resolution.


Lobna assists clients with applying and obtaining U.A.E. tax residency certificates.  She also represents clients in connection with the U.A.E. Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Attestations/Witnessing of Documents

Lobna manages the Firm’s document attestation and witnessing of signatures practice, working closely with clients and third parties.


Lobna is originally from Egypt, a country which she loves dearly and whose challenges she closely internalizes.  Lobna grew up between Egypt and the U.A.E., although she has a very strong worldliness about her.  She speaks English and Arabic fluently.

Lobna is passionate about literature, philosophy and politics.  In her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries, going to the beach, and traveling around the U.A.E and abroad.

Raised by successful and professional parents, Lobna grew up with strong values of education, hard work and ethics.  With her father’s influence, she also developed interest in art and film.

Before joining the Firm, Lobna was interested in literature and had her sights in that direction.  During her internship with the Firm, while still at the university, Lobna discovered passion for the practice of law.  And has been a changed person ever since.

HPL Yamalova & Plewka DMCC, Dubai, U.A.E.

Legal Assistant (January 2019 – present)

The Lex Fellowship, Madrid, Spain

Pre-Law Fellow (Summer 2018)

HPL Yamalova & Plewka DMCC, Dubai, U.A.E.

Legal Intern (Summer 2017, Summer 2018)

AUS Writing Center, Sharjah, U.A.E.

Writing Tutor & Journal Editor (2017 – 2018)

AUS Model United Nations (AUSMUN)

Head of Secretariats (2018)

Delegate at National Model United Nations, New York (2017)

American University of Sharjah (AUS), U.A.E.

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and English Literature, 2018

Senior Thesis- “A Legal Response to Jacques Derrida: The Reconstruction of Law and Justice.”

DIFC Academy of Law

Certificate in Human Resources Law and Practice, 2018

International School of Choueifat, Dubai, U.A.E

High School Diploma