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Health Insurance in UAE

Health Insurance in UAE - Q&A

  1. Is UAE health insurance mandatory?
    Yes, although it is more regulated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as compared to other emirates.


  2. What laws cover UAE health insurance? 
    There are both federal and emirate-based laws. Most Emirates have their own specific health-insurance regulations, which apply to their residents. But at the federal level, the UAE Immigration Law lists health insurance coverage as a requirement for all types of visas and residencies.


  3. Who does the UAE health insurance apply to? 
    All residents of the UAE are supposed to be covered by health insurance.  This includes even those who are self-sponsored, for example on Golden Visas. Furthermore, even tourists are supposed to have health insurance in UAE.


  4. Who has the responsibility of providing health insurance in the UAE?
    The sponsor has the obligation to provide health insurance in UAE.  For example, companies sponsoring employees must provide health insurance to their employees.  However, if employees are sponsored by someone else or self-sponsored, then the obligation is on the sponsor.  This applies to Golden Visa sponsors.


  5. Is there a basic level of protection/coverage for UAE health insurance?
    Yes, it is called the Essential Benefits Plan and it applies automatically to all residents in Dubai.  This plan covers 1) basic tests, 2) diagnosis, 3) treatment, 4) as well as emergencies in all Emirates.


  6. What are the penalties for not providing/having UAE health insurance?
    The penalties depend on the violation.  Under the Dubai Health Insurance law, the penalties range from AED 500 to AED 150,000.  Employers who fail to provide health insurance to their employees, are subject to AED 1,000 fine/employee. Employers who demand their employees to cover the costs of health insurance can be subject to AED 10,000/fine.  

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