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LYLAW Privacy Policy

Dear User, 

Thank you for choosing to access our law firm’s website (our “Website”) at, owned and operated by us, HPL Yamalova & Plewka DMCC (“LYLaw Dubai”, “Firm”).

Kindly find below an introduction to our law firm as well as the defined terms of this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”)

1. Introduction

LYLaw Dubai is a Dubai-based general practice law firm, advising individuals and corporations on a wide array of legal areas. LYLaw Dubai was founded by Ludmila Yamalova, US-qualified lawyer, along with her German law partner, Harald Plewka, in 2009. The Firm’s practice is to work closely with clients, with frequent and open communication, keeping clients’ best interests in mind at all times. The Firm is vigilant in finding optimal solutions to accommodate clients’ needs and expectations.

2. User

“User” means you, anyone who accesses our Website.

3. Personal Information

“Personal Information” is any information about a User obtained by using our Website.

4. Third Party

“Third Party” Any governmental authority, semi-governmental authority, where relevant, the firm’s contractors or any other party to whom disclosure is required by a court order and who are not engaged by this Privacy Policy.

5. Data Subject

“Data Subject” any user whose Personal Information is available when using our Website.

6. Cookie

“Cookie” is small data file that stores certain data about the User’s usage of the Website and that helps us personalize the User’s experience.

7. Server

“Server” Is where we retain your Personal Information.

8. Type and Purpose of Personal Information

As you access our Website, you may choose to show interest in our Firm’s services by filling out your information in our Contact Form (“Form”). In this Form, we may ask you for your name, last name, email, matter and whether A) you agree to sharing your Personal Information with us and whether B) you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter where we update you on the latest laws and topics of the legal world.

If you choose to not fill out this Form, we may not be able to assist you further with your matter.

The Personal Information you provide us with is going to be used for the purposes of servicing you and understanding your matter as well as personalize the overall user experience as stated hereinabove. You can object to the use of your personal information at any time by contacting us at as per the instructions in article 13 of this Privacy Policy.

9. Retention of Personal Information.

The Personal Information that you provide us with may be subsequently retained to further assist you with your matter and then retained in our Server for the following purposes:
  1.   Assisting you with client matter and booking a consultation;
  2.   for a better personalized experience;
  3.   for legal purposes in the event of an arising dispute;
  4.   for Data storage purposes;
  5.   to ensure that your feedback is well received and acted upon.
We will ensure that your Personal Information remains protected, not subject to breach, and treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

10. Storage of Cookies

Our Website will be, with your consent, storing Cookies based on the User’s usage of the Website. These Cookies will not store any Personal Information, they only store, for example, frequently accessed pages by Users.

Kindly note that these Cookies will require your consent as you access our Website.

11. Website Security

This Website holds an SSL Certificate, meaning that it has a digital presence that is encrypted. Hence, the User’s access to the Website is safe. In addition, any Personal Information that you choose to share through our Form is stored in our Server, which is subject to regular security checks and reports.

12. Third Party Access to Information

We may share your Personal Information with Third Parties. However, when and where it is possible, we shall limit the disclosure of your personal information to the Third Parties defined hereinabove in the Introduction to the strict minimum we could operate.

13. Cross-Border Information Processing

In the event where, and if ever, we are required to process, share, transfer, or use Personal Information provided by a Data Subject (“Cross-Border Processing”) outside of the geographical area of the United Arab Emirates, we will proceed with protective and organizational measures to ensure their safety.

14. Access to Personal Information and Withdrawal of Consent

As we value your privacy and your access to your Personal Information as well as ensure to comply with the best legal practices, should you request to access your Personal Information that we have retained for one of the purposes stated hereinabove, kindly send us an email at with A) Your specific request(s) and B) a Proof of Identity.

15. Confidentiality

The Personal Information you provide us are of confidential nature and, as a law Firm, we strictly uphold confidentiality obligations. The Personal Information that you provide us will remain confidential for the duration of your engagement with us and after that duration. Your Personal Information will be only used for the purposes stated hereinabove.

16. Severability

In the event where one or more clauses of this Privacy Policy are deemed as void or illegal by the relevant authority to which it is subject to, the remainder of the Privacy Policy shall remain valid.

17. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with this Privacy Policy, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination (“Privacy Policy Dispute”), shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Dubai Courts (“Dubai Courts”). This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Federal Laws of the United Arab Emirates (“U.A.E. Federal Law”). For the avoidance of doubt, the Firm reserves the right to seek damages incurred in connection with adjudicating this Privacy Policy Dispute, including damages for lost income. In the event of a Privacy Policy Dispute, the Client agrees that e-mail is an acceptable and sufficient form of service.

18. Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy is subject to change in compliance with new laws and regulations.

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