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Racism and Discrimination can lead fines of up to AED 2 million | Lovin Dubai

Racism and Discrimination can lead fines of up to AED 2 million | Lovin Dubai

Lovin Dubai

29 March 2023


Acts Of Racism Or Discrimination In The UAE Can Land You With Fines Of Up To AED2 Million & Imprisonment

One of the primary legal authorities that regulate discrimination in the UAE is Federal Decree Law No. 2 of 2015 on Combating Discrimination and Hatred

This law is quite comprehensive, covering all forms of discrimination, including hate speech and blasphemy, and extends to the workplace. In case of violation of this law, the penalty can include imprisonment of not less than five years and/or a monetary penalty of not less than AED500,000 and up to AED2 million.

Furthermore, the UAE Labor Law also includes an express provision on equality and non-discrimination, which states that discrimination is forbidden based on ethnicity, race, sex, religion, national origin, social status, or disability. It is also prohibited to discriminate among people working in the same job.

Ludmila Yamalova, a US Qualified, Dubai Lawyer breaks down the laws against racism in the UAE

Employers and employees alike must be aware of discrimination laws and ensure that their actions and policies comply with them

The new Labor Law (Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021) and the executive regulations to the Labor Law (Federal Decree No. 47 of 2021 Regarding Unified Guidelines for Employment in the UAE) provide further details on discrimination in the workplace:

Article 4 of the Labor Law specifically prohibits discrimination that reduces a person’s employment opportunities, impacts their equality in getting employment or continuing in existing employment, or denies them benefits.

Additionally, the UAE Labor Law provides equal rights to women in the workplace. Article 4 states that women shall be subject to all provisions of employing individuals without discrimination. Furthermore, women shall be entitled to the same wage as men if they do the same work or work of equal value.

Lastly, the UAE also has laws protecting people of determination. Federal Law No. 29 of 2006 and the Dubai Law No. 3 of 2022 on the Rights of People with Disabilities in Dubai protect people with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace.

Those found guilty of slander or hurling racial slurs will be subject to severe consequences here in the Emirates

To report acts of discrimination in your workplace, contact the Community Development Authority in Dubai (CDA), on the toll-free number 8002121 or email at

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