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Lawgical with LYLAW – Introduction

Lawgical with LYLAW – Introduction

Lawgical with LYLAW

22 October 2018

Hanan Arab:  Hello.  Welcome to Lawgical with LYLAW.  I am Hanan Arab, the Paralegal at LYLAW.

Zaid Abu Dahab:  I am Zaid Abu Dahab, the Legal Assistant at LYLAW.

Hanan Arab:  With the overabundance of information available to us in this day and age, it has become difficult to find focused answers to legal matters.  As such, we are excited to introduce our legal podcast, Lawgical with LYLAW.  In our podcast, our Managing Partner, Ludmila Yamalova, will discuss legal issues related to the U.A.E. and the region more broadly.

Zaid Abu Dahab:  Ludmila is a U.S. qualified Attorney, licensed by the State Bar of California.  She has 16 years of legal and business experience, six in Silicon Valley and 10 in the U.A.E.  Ludmila founded LYLAW in 2009.  Since then, the Dubai-based general practice law firm has been advising corporations and individuals on the practical aspects of living and doing business in the U.A.E. and the greater MENA region.  Tune in every Tuesday as we tackle various legal topics and updates.

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