Residency for Newborns in the UAE

Residency for Newborns

Residency for Newborns in the UAE

    1. Newborns of expats in the U.A.E. can obtain UAE residency through one of their parents.
    2. For parents to qualify to sponsor their newborn children, a number of requirements must be met.
    3. One, the sponsoring parent must be a UAE resident.

      Two, the minimum monthly salary of the sponsoring parent must be either AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 + accommodation

      Also, the sponsor must have a registered tenancy agreement.

    4. To apply, some of the required documents of the sponsor include:
    5. -Original passport, with at least 6 months validity.

      -Original Emirates ID

      -Salary certificate or employment agreement – showing the minimum salary

      -Tenancy agreement

      -Utility bill

      -Health insurance

      -Colored photograph and

      -IBAN number

    6. Additionally, the following documents of child must also be submitted:
    7. -Child’s original passport

      -Colored photograph

      -Attested birth certificate and

      -o Medical insurance

    8. The fees for the application are around AED 500.
    9. This is in line with the UAE Immigration laws and the ICA regulations.

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