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Social Media

Social Media

LYLAW Dubai has an active and dynamic social media presence, on a multitude of platforms. At a high level, the Firm shares legal updates and provides free legal advice in a byte-sized, yet insightful, format, available to the broader audience.

In recent years, the Firm’s Managing Partner, Ludmila Yamalova has created a growing and loyal follower base, pioneering and innovating legal forums across the globe. 

Among other things, Ludmila has become the first verified lawyer on TikTok in the region and is now widely known as the TikTok Lawyer, with close to 200,000 followers.  On a weekly basis, Ludmila hosts a free Live Legal Q&A Session, during which she answers her followers’ legal questions, in real time.  These sessions take place on Wednesdays, at 4 p.m. GST.
Additionally, Ludmila and LYLAW Firm have a strong and active presence on other social media platforms. These are: Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Ludmila and team regularly provide free legal advice and answer legal questions, which are sent by the followers on these platforms.

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