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Transfer of Eviction Notices in Dubai

Transferability Eviction Notices in Dubai

Transferability Eviction Notices in Dubai

Eviction notices in Dubai may now be transferrable, from one owner to the other. In other words, tenants who received eviction notices may now be bound to them, even if the owner of the property changes.

This was the conclusion in a recent court decision, by the Dubai Rental Dispute Center (or RDC). In that case, the RDC concluded that the eviction notice was transferable, from the seller of the property to the buyer.

Because it is a right that is attached to the property and, therefore, transfers to the new owner of the property. This decision is important because it differs from a previous RDC case.

Which had held that the eviction notice was not transferrable to the new owner, as it was attached to the party who served it, and not to the property. There are a few caveats about this decision, in terms of what to expect for those dealing with eviction notices. 

First, this judgment is issued by the RDC’s First Instance.  So, could be subject to appeal.  And, could be overturned there. Second, the RDC judgments are not always used as precedents for future decisions on similar matters.

And as such, judgments and principles on the same matters can and do differ. 


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