Types of Deportations for Foreigners in the UAE

Deportations Types for Foreigners in the UAE 

    1. Deportation of foreigners from the UAE can be of 2 types.
    2. One type of deportation is called Judicial Deportation.
    3. -This is the type of deportation, which is ordered by the Court.

      -It could be for a crime, which carries deportation as one of the penalties.

      -In most cases, this would result from violation of the UAE criminal laws.

    4. The other type of deportation is, what is called, as Administrative Deportation.
    5. -Administrative deportations are issued by the security authorities, such as the police, prosecution or immigration.

      -Importantly, administrative deportations could apply even in cases where the foreigner has a valid Residence Permit.

      -Such administrative deportation can be ordered when the foreigner has no apparent means of survival or if the security authorities consider that deportation is required either by the public interest, public security or public morals.

    6. This is in line with the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022 and Articles 70 and 71, in particular.

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