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Wills for Muslims in UAE

Civil Marriage in Abu Dhabi | Process, Payment, Court Marriage Day

civil marriage in abu dhabi

Muslims in the UAE can now register Civil Wills, which are not subject to principles of Shariah. This service is available under the Abu Dhabi Civil Family Court, which is part of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department or ADJD.

Importantly, Civil Wills are available for all Muslims in the UAE, not just those residing in Abu Dhabi. And as long as they are not UAE citizens. 

Registration of Civil Wills is available on the ADJD portal, through the U.A.E. Pass, under the Civil Family Court e-Services. The application should be submitted, along with the required documents, under the “Request to Authenticate a Civil Will”.

The standard fee to register one Civil Will is AED 950This is governed by Law No. 14 of 2021 Concerning Civil Marriages and its Effects in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. And, specifically, under Chapter Four (4) (on Inheritance and Wills) of that law. 


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