Deportation Expenses in the UAE

Deportation expenses

Deportation Expenses in the UAE 

    1. Deportation of foreigners from the UAE is subject to various expenses. Those expenses can include:
    2. -Airline tickets,

      -Overstay penalties and

      -Other administrative fines.

    3. These expenses can be incurred for the person who being deported, as well as the family members, who are being deported along with him.
    4. The obligation for these deportation expenses, falls, first, on the person who is being deported, on his own account.
    5. However, if that person is not able to cover those expenses, the obligation falls either on:
    6. -That person’s original Guarantor; or

      -The person’s Employer, who is listed on the last Residence Permit, in the event of an employment agreement

      -Or whoever employs the foreigner, in violation of the UAE Laws

      -Those who are hired by one employer, but work for others.

    7. If neither of these options is possible, then the ICA will cover the deportation expenses.
    8. This is in accordance with the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022 and Articles 68 and 74, of that law.

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