Immigration Deportations in the UAE

Immigration Deportations in the UAE

Immigration Deportations in the UAE 

    1. Deportation is one of the penalties, applied to those who violate the UAE immigration laws
    2. In particular, deportation can apply to the following categories of violators.
    3. A. Those who are in the UAE, without either an Entry Visa or a Residence Permit.

      B. Those who have overstayed their Entry Visa or Residence Permit, beyond the allowable time for renewal.

      C. Those whose Entry Visa or Residence Permit have been cancelled and they do not leave the UAE within prescribed time.

      D. And those who are caught on board of a ship, illegally trying to enter the UAE.

    4. Importantly, family members of those who are deported can also be deported, if they are under that person’s care.
    5. This is in line with the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022 and Article 65, in particular.

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