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Attestation /
Pro Services

Practice Areas

Attestation /
Pro Services

  • Document Witnessing and Attestation
  • Powers of Attorney (POA)
  • Visa Processing
  • Insurance Advice and Administration
  • Translation
  • PRO Services

Our team members have significant experience with the practical aspects of living and doing business in the U.A.E., from courts to all forms of government authorities and service providers. Relying on their expertise and contacts, we provide a broad range of PRO and administrative services. A representative list of such services includes:

Powers of attorney (POA): we draft POAs, in dual languages and manage their administration, attestation and legalization for the use in the U.A.E.

Witnessing of documents: our attorneys are licensed to witness and certify documents as true copies, to be used in various countries.

Visa processing: we assist with all types of U.A.E. visa administration, from residence visa, for employees and dependants, to all forms of visit visas, from tourism to business.

Insurance advice and administration: we assist clients with advice on health and other insurance plans and companies and assist with administration of insurance plans and reimbursements.

Document legalization: we have a wide network of companies which provide legalization documents for use in the U.A.E. and work closely with them to assist with our client’s needs.

Translation services: we have a wide network of reliable legal translators and assist clients in translating and managing translations of documents.

PRO services: we provide a wide range of other PRO services, such as assistance with U.A.E. driver’s license, car renewals, registration of P.O. box, insurance registration and renewals, etc.