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Media /

  • Media Lawsws
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Publications

We provide advice and practical experience on U.A.E. communication and media laws, including applications of U.A.E. Penal Code and U.A.E. Cyberlaw. We provide guidance on parameters and limitations of social media and publications in the region.

Examples of relevant communication and media legal issues include:

  • Defamation/slander: we provide guidance on definitions of defamation and offensive conduct under U.A.E. laws and corresponding penalties and repercussions and provide advice on best practices.
  • False advertising/misrepresentation: we advise clients on parameters and limitations of advertising under U.A.E. laws and applicable penalties for false or misleading statements.
  • Social media: we provide advice on applicable laws and practice governing use of social media in U.A.E. and identify solutions in compliance with local laws and culture.
  • Publications: we provide legal know-how on applicable publications and media laws and their practical applications within the U.A.E. legal and business framework.