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Dispute Resolution /

We have substantial practical experience negotiating and litigating disputes in the U.A.E., from real estate matters, employment, commercial to criminal. While we have strong ties with a reliable network of local advocates, we prepare and draft most submissions internally and otherwise actively manage all of our cases in-house.

In general, we are effective and creative advocates in a wide array of disputes. We are not afraid of the challenge. We are active and vocal in advocating our clients’ interests. We are eager and not afraid to be at the forefront in establishing groundbreaking practices, new law and case precedent while championing our clients’ interests.

We assist clients in representation before all of the U.A.E. local courts and alternative judicial forums, such as Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC). We also have extensive experience representing clients in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Court.

We have successfully represented clients on a wide array of matters before the U.A.E. civil courts, from the Court of First Instance, all the way to the Court of Cassation. We have also secured favorable arbitration awards, including from DIAC, and have successfully enforced them through the U.A.E. local courts. We have litigated a number of cases before the DIFC Courts, including the DIFC Small Claims Tribunals and secured favorable settlements for our clients. We also represent clients on criminal matters, before the Police, Public Prosecution and Criminal Court.

Examples of some of our litigation matters include:

Real estate cases: we have successfully represented clients in disputes related to their real estate investments in the U.A.E., securing judgments from the Court of Cassations, special Tribunals and Committees, DIFC Courts and DIAC Tribunal, in many cases all the way to enforcement.

Employment cases: we have significant experience mediating/negotiating employment disputes and litigating employment disputes before the U.A.E. Labour Courts, from the Court of First Instance to the Court of Cassation and enforcement.

Commercial cases: we have litigated cases for breach of contract and other commercial disputes before the U.A.E. Courts, as well as the DIFC Courts.

Rental disputes: we have substantial experience in representing clients before the Dubai Rental Dispute Committee (RDC), including enforcing RDC judgments through the local courts.

Court Liquidation proceedings: we have represented clients in several court managed liquidation proceedings and foreclosures, across different Emirates, securing settlements and refunds.

Criminal cases: we have represented clients in many criminal proceedings, which might have resulted either from bounced cheques, breach of trust, traffic violations, immigration offenses, defamation, breach of confidentiality, etc.

Rulers’ Court: we have experience representing clients before the Dubai Government Legal Affairs Department (Ruler’s Court), in some cases successfully securing significant refunds and favorable settlements.

Settlement in court: We assist with court and out-of-court settlements, including negotiations, settlement agreements, notarization of settlements, registering settlements with the court, among others.